mc-heroes asked:

Do you have any fic recs that are fluffy but like also have smut in them?

Gay ships are Yay ships 👻 Answer:


those are the only ones i can think of


Pretty Pictures

All I Want For Christmas Is a Boyfriend

Nudity Is A New Form of Art

Oh Its Another Rainy Day

future ref frerard

Anonymous asked:

wait do you know of any fics with dom/frank but like super dominant like slightly scary dominant aha yeah im trying to find some and i cant

Gay ships are Yay ships 👻 Answer:



Welcome Home
My Body Is Your Body
Off Sunday
Filthy Lucre (suPER GOOD // LONG FIC)
What You Want
The princess of pretty

future ref frerard


1. First you will need to choose the paper you would like to make your envelope out of. Personally, I use 12in x12in scrapbooking paper. This particular paper is from a Pattern Pack by Colorbok. You can find scrapbooking paper at most craft stores and some retail stores. I bought mine at Walmart.


2. Your first move will be a long way fold. Do not fold the paper completely in half. Leave enough space for the flap that will close your envelope in future steps. This fold will also determine the height of your envelope. When handmaking your own envelopes, keep in mind that larger sized envelopes may cost more postage. You can find size chart for standard letters in the US here.


3. Next you will make another fold on top of your first fold. This fold will be in the opposite direction and will determine the width of your envelope, however you will want to fold a tad bigger than you’d like your envelope to be, let’s say an inch. Still keep postage costs in mind with this fold.


4. Cut down the fold made in step 3. You will now have two pieces. The smaller “half” of these two pieces will now be scrap. You can set it aside.


5. With the larger piece you will now be making another fold. This fold will be will be up and down on one either side. Your fold should be about 1/2in.


6. Repeat with the opposite side.


7. Unfold your paper. You will now be making two more cuts. These cuts will happen on the smaller “half” of your paper, the “half” without the space left for your flap to close your envelope later. Cut along each 1/2in. fold lines. See the arrows in picture 7.


8. Once these cuts are made there should be no folds left on this “half” of the paper. Your paper should look like picture 8 at this point.


9. Fold your paper along the first line you made again. You will now be making another fold. This fold will create the flap that will close your envelope. See picture 9. You will want this fold to be along that dotted line. Don’t make this fold flush with the paper from the previous fold. Leave a bit of space, nothing large. This space will make it easier to seal your envelope once you have inserted the letter and or goodies for your penpal.


10. Once this fold is made your paper should look like picture 10.


11. Unfold the flap you have just made. You will not be making 2 more cuts. These cuts will be along the folds made by your 1/2in. folds. See arrows in picture 11.


12. Once your cuts are made, unfold your paper. Your paper should look like picture 12.


13. Fold along your first fold line again. On each side of this fold will be two 1/2in. flaps. See picture 13. You will folding these flaps back over and securing them down. Here I used a glue stick but any glue or tape will work.


14. Your paper should now look like picture 14. Your envelope is essentially complete! Be proud of yourself!!


15. You can now decorate it however you see fit. For this tutorial I used 2 post-its for the address areas. I used a glue stick to secure them down. For this envelope I decided I would put the return address on the back. I then added stickers and a stamp! All it needs now is addresses, and things inside it of course, and it’s good to go out in the mail to your lucky penpal!!



If you have any questions about this tutorial please feel free to send us a message in our ask. We’ll be glad to help you out! You can visit here to see several envelopes made and sent to my personal pen pals in this very manner. 

You can also message us with suggestions for more tutorials you’d like to see in the future!

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i-know-thingsremember asked:

Can you post a picture of your MCR tattoo? I'd love to see it, if i'm not intruding of course!

Gay ships are Yay ships 👻 Answer:


Absolutely! I’m assuming you mean the one Frank complimented, this is a crappy picture of it but its the only one I have saved on my computer lol I also have a Houdini one from the cover art on Bullets with a lyric from Demolition Lovers, they are the beginning of my MCR sleeve. :D thanks for asking!

I love your tattoo! Definitely my favorite album!

mcr my chemical romance tattoos